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02.23.09, 1:28 am
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In the last post, Matt talked about our current Dean search.  Here’s an article that appeared this past week in the Duquesne Duke:

Acting dean ruled out of search

Second of three new candidates visits campus this week

By: Shawn Klocek

Posted: 2/19/09

The acting dean of the McAnulty College of Liberal Arts has been ruled out of the ongoing search for a permanent dean of the school.

While the dean search committee will bring a new candidate to campus this week, Acting Dean Albert Labriola is not expected to be considered for the position.

“Well, this is what was told to me by President [Charles J.] Dougherty: ‘You do not bring the right chemistry to my administrative leadership team,'” Labriola said, adding that Dougherty later told him “chemistry” referred to “a gut feeling” he had.

According to Director of Public Affairs Bridget Fare, Dougherty declined to comment on private discussions he had with Labriola, but said he is grateful for Labriola’s service during the interim transition.

The Faculty Handbook states that the president reserves the right to dismiss any candidates presented by the dean search committee. After two failed searches, the president can also appoint anyone he or she sees fit for the job.

Labriola said he reapplied for the current search, but was not included because he was one of three unacceptable candidates produced by the last dean search.

Edward Kocher, chair of the dean search committee and dean of the Mary Pappart School of Music, declined to comment about Labriola’s exclusion. Kocher said, at this point, the committee’s role is solely to bring three new candidates to campus, which would leave past candidates out of consideration.

“We don’t know what’s going to happen. You never do,” Kocher said. “I’ve been a part of many searches. You get fooled sometimes.”

Kocher said all the candidates meet the requirements on paper, but that getting a feel for the campus community is a big part of finding out whether or not the dean is a good fit for the job.

“Candidates – sometimes they have very good positions,” Kocher said. “Until you’re on campus, you don’t know what that fit is going to be.”

This week’s candidate is Peter Braza, a math professor and associate dean of the College of Arts & Sciences at University of North Florida.

Though much of Braza’s visit will involve meeting faculty and administration, students can also factor into the search process. Braza will meet with students at 4 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 19, in the Berger Gallery on the second floor of College Hall.

At the meeting, students can complete evaluation forms to give their feedback on Braza. According to Kocher, reviewing student and faculty responses are the most important aspect of the search process.

“[Students and faculty] like to have some sense of being able to contribute to the well-being of the institution,” Kocher said. “We look at every shred of paper that’s been submitted.”

With a yet-to-be-announced candidate expected to visit campus next week, the dean search committee will have produced the minimum three candidates. From then, the committee will deliberate over the candidates and present their findings to Dougherty, who will make the final decision.

Despite the position being open since the end of Spring 2007, Kocher said the college is not rushed to find a permanent dean. A date has not been set for the announcement of search results.

“I hope we find a dean,” Kocher said. “But if not, we’ll keep searching.”

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