Christmas shopping: Duquesne style by katzb
12.06.09, 4:57 pm
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It has become a running joke in my family that for every holiday or birthday, recipients can expect a Duquesne-themed gift from me. Although I am guilty as charged, I can honestly say it’s not on purpose!

It all began the first Christmas I was at college. Without a car or any convenient way to go shopping while living in a dorm, I opted to get my entire family in the Duquesne spirit with Duquesne gifts! I got my sister a red fleece Duquesne blanket that she had told me she loved. I got my mom a Duquesne hoodie and a Duquesne Christmas ornament with a picture of Old Main on it. I got my Dad a Duquesne Under Armor shirt. They all loved their gifts and I imagine they were happy I was proud of my school.

For my dad’s birthday last year, I bought him a Duquesne basketball hoodie because we have become big Dukes fans since the time I’ve attended Duquesne. At some point during my three years here, I also bought him a “Duquesne Dad” t-shirt that he wears proudly! This year for my dad’s birthday, I simply forgot all of the Duquesne attire he had in his closet, and came up with a great, original idea: a Duquesne basketball long sleeve shirt! It took me until he opened it to realize that this wasn’t such an original idea. Now, he had a bunch of shirts to choose from when attending a Dukes game!

My sister is just as lucky as my dad in the Duquesne-attire department. She has my old Orientation t-shirt, long sleeve shirts, t-shirts, a hoodie and probably much more that I have forgotten. Oh ya, and that fleece blanket!

We have Christmas ornaments, stickers for our cars, key chains and pins. I have turned my Pitt-fan family into proud Duquesne supporters!

If you are racking your brain for an origninal Christmas gift idea, while at the same time juggling five books and memorizing vocabulary in time for finals, head down to the bookstore and take a stroll around. There are always new items and clothes, and every Duquesne family needs their gear! Just be sure not to get your mom the same exact shirt two years in a row!



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