Dukes beat St. Bonaventure by katzb
01.24.10, 6:39 pm
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The Duquesne men’s basketball game on Saturday against St. Bonaventure was definitely the most exciting Duquesne game I’ve ever attended!

Not only was the game thrilling, and the one point victory sealed the deal, but the rowdy Bonnies fans sitting in front of me were a show in themselves.

The Dukes got up early in the game, and it looked like the 20 Bonnies fans had driven from Middle of Nowhere, New York for nothing. By halftime, Duquesne was up 15 points and I was excited for the second half!

The rowdy Bonnies fans being corrected by security.

The halftime show was just as thrilling as the game, and I’m not talking about the elementary school basketball team that took to the court (although they were cute!). Right in front of us, the rowdy group of Bonnies fans had seemingly had enough of the looming defeat, and tried to get in a fight! Thankfully, the fan donning his St. Bonnies brown was escorted out of the arena. That didn’t quiet the rest of his crew down at all! Throughout the entire second half, the embarrassing fans were making their presence known, even if the Bonnies themselves were no match for Duquesne on the court. Their behavior made me proud to be a Duquesne fan, and made me root harder for the Dukes in the second half!

Despite my growing anger toward the St. Bonaventure fans sitting front and center, the Bonnies drew back within a few points of Duquesne, and the game quickly came down to one possession.

At this point, I was not only rooting for the Dukes but I was rooting just as hard against St. Bonaventure!

In one of the most thrilling finishes in a college basketball game that I’ve ever seen, Damian Saunders found Melquan Bolding, who buried a 3-pointer from the right corner with 3.4 seconds left in the game. What a great time to be a Duquesne fan!!

To the dismay of the Bonnies fans in front of me, their team couldn’t drain a shot in the final seconds, and the Dukes pulled out the 70-69 victory!

Like my Dad and I always say, we don’t like fans of the other team.



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