Looking to Next Semester Already? by afederoff
03.22.10, 3:10 pm
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In high school, our schedules were basically made for us. Oh sure, we were able to choose an elective… sort of. At my school, it was “pick a fine art elective” which consisted of drawing, ceramics or the musical arts of chorus, orchestra or band. We also were required to take a “hands-on elective” and I somehow ended up with Woodshop. I was the only girl in the class, and of course, just the year before someone apparently got their finger flown completely across the room by the band saw. And while, of course there are requirements to achieve a liberal arts degree, but I’m pretty sure none of them involve flying extremities.

First semester of freshmen year, I found that my schedule was already made for me. I’m still not really sure how this happened, but it seemed to be geared toward my interests and I had no complaints. Second semester, I quickly made my schedule with my advisor, much like I did in high school. We sat down together and looked through the course catalog until I devised a schedule that was fitting to my needs.

This semester, I am more independent. As a sophomore, I just submitted a tentative course schedule to my advisor online. I picked out all of the classes myself, and made a morning friendly schedule. Hopefully, I did a good job and I get the ok to register for them!



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