United Way Honors Duquesne for Outstanding Campaign Performance
05.28.10, 11:14 am
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United Way Honors Duquesne for Outstanding Campaign Performance.

From the Duquesne Newsroom:

Duquesne’s campaign, which ran from October to November 2009, raised a total of $87,747. The total was approximately 10 percent more than the campus goal and marked a 23 percent increase in giving from the 2008 campaign.


Josh Gibson Documentary Wins Award
05.27.10, 12:20 pm
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photo courtesy of the New York Times

There is a class taught by Dr. Dennis Woytek in the Journalism and Multimedia Arts Department here at Duquesne that recently won a prestigious Telly Award. The New York Times also did a great profile of the class that created the project and background on Gibson’s life.

From the Duquesne News Room:

Besides its premier at Duquesne, the film was previewed at the annual Jerry Malloy Negro Baseball League Conference in Pittsburgh last summer and aired on WTAE-TV in February in commemoration of Black History Month.

Another Duquesne documentary crew led by James Vota, journalism and multimedia arts instructor, earned a People’s Choice Telly Award for documenting travels along the Pony Express Trail in 7days, 17 hours.

This marks the third consecutive year that a team from Duquesne’s Department of Journalism and Multimedia Arts has earned a Telly.

The Telly Awards, founded in 1979, are a prestigious distinction honoring outstanding local, regional and cable TV commercials and programs, video and film productions.

Dr Woytek talks about Gibson’s life for the NYT:

“He was generally a happy, well-liked guy,” said Dennis Woytek, an assistant professor of journalism at Duquesne University, whose documentary production class put together the film. “But I don’t think he talked with anyone other than his family about what he was experiencing with his health. As a result, maybe he had a little bit of odd behavior, drank too much, and the rumors start. Then, how do you stop the stories from growing?”

The 50-minute Duquesne production, “The Legend Behind the Plate: The Josh Gibson Story,” was made over the past year by 12 students, with the help of Woytek and Mike Clark, an adjunct instructor who is a local ABC news anchor.

Woytek said he believed this was the first documentary to focus solely on Gibson, who played primarily for the Pittsburgh Crawfords and the Homestead Grays from 1930 to 1946. (Homestead, a small steel town, is about seven miles southeast of Pittsburgh.)

Congratualtions to Dr. Woytek, Mike Clark, and everyone that worked on the documentary!  If you’re intersted in obtaining a copy, please contact Sally Richie in the JMA office at (412) 396-1311.

2010 Video Contest
05.17.10, 8:09 am
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This semester we had some great entries to the video contest and here are the first and second place winners.  Eric Formato won $300 for his video and Becca Kopcie won $200 for hers.  Thanks for the videos guys!

President Dougherty Wins Diamond Award
05.12.10, 11:27 am
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Duquesne University President Charles Dougherty was recently named by the Pittsburgh Business Times as a Diamond Award Winner.  The award honors “presidents and chief executive officers (CEOs) of both for-profit and non-profit enterprises based on qualities including leadership, organizational success and efforts by the individual outside of the organization.”

In the past few months, Duquesne’s President has been the center of increased media attention.  While some may disagree with decisions of his recently, it’s hard to argue against the progress Duquesne has made under Dougherty’s tenure.

A Duquesne press release highlights a few of the advancements the school has made since Dougherty began:

  • moved into the top tier in the U.S. News and World Report’s prestigious annual ranking of America’s Best Colleges
  • established its first-ever Strategic Plan and has approved its second Strategic Plan
  • experienced record-breaking enrollment
  • earned its first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver Rating (for the new Power Center) and LEED Gold Rating (for renovations to the Duquesne Union) from the U.S. Green Building Council.

For many students, the President is someone they may never meet during their time at school, but the Duquesne Duke recently ran a two part feature on Dougherty that helps to bridge the gap between students and the Administration.

“But [Student Government President James] Regar said the president’s long-term legacy will likely be the physical expansion of the campus, including the addition of the Power Center, the acquisition of Brottier Hall and campus beautification. These improvements, along with increasing community involvement and running a successful fundraising campaign, will “overshadow” the tension resulting from some of his decisions, he said.”

The University expanded its campus, acquiring in January 2004 the Citiline Towers apartment building, now called Brottier Hall. Duquesne went on to purchase land along Forbes Avenue where it constructed the Power Center, which opened in January 2008 and was later certified by U.S. Green Building Council. Since then, the University has acquired a number of buildings along Fifth Avenue.

“Just look around,” said University Provost Ralph Pearson. “I can see the difference now from when I arrived nine years ago. I mean, it’s really a beautiful campus.”

It’s easy to agree, the campus has greatly improved in the past few years and it’s also clear that the Administration and Dougherty plan to continue that trend.

Click  to read about Duquesne’s Strategic Plan for the next five years.

Duquesne students helping in local communities
05.10.10, 4:19 pm
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Recently Associate Dean, Dr. Evan Stoddard, and his honors college class completed a community service project at the Hazelwood YMCA.  Together, they helped to build an outdoor classroom.

Their project was recently featured in the Post-Gazette:

The Honors College devotes a semester every year to a neighborhood-based service project, and the students contribute their results as a gift to the neighborhood.

In getting to know the neighborhood, the students researched it and spent hours at a time for several weeks walking around, talking to merchants and preachers and people on the street, attending meetings and going to church.

In their class summaries, several wrote that the experience made them a little more worldly.

“This class has opened my eyes a lot more to the world around me that I normally don’t see,” said Kyle Wiltsey.

“I feel that I have a much greater awareness of the situations and conditions that disadvantaged people in poor communities have to deal with,” wrote Spencer Heaps.

You can learn more about service learning at Duquesne here and more on the Honors College here.

All the accompanying photos are courtesy of Dr. Stoddard.

05.06.10, 4:13 pm
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Tomorrow is graduation!  1,480 students will graduate from Duquesne.  There are two days of ceremonies beginning tomorrow, Friday, at 3pm.  Here’s a schedule of events:

University Commencement

Friday, May 7, 2010
3 p.m. Baccalaureate Mass
(doors open at 2:00 p.m., once Mass begins, entry will be curtailed until 4:15 p.m.)
A.J. Palumbo Center
5 p.m. Commencement Ceremony A.J. Palumbo Center
Reception immediately following Academic Walk
Rainsite- Union Ballroom

Diploma Ceremonies

Saturday, May 8, 2010
9 a.m. McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts
Reception following at the Mellon Patio
A.J. Palumbo Center
Mary Pappert School of Music
Reception following at the Power Center
Union Ballroom
12 p.m. Palumbo School of Business Administration / Donahue Graduate School of Business
Reception following at the Mellon Patio
A.J. Palumbo Center
School of Nursing
Reception following at the Power Center
Union Ballroom
3 p.m. School of Education
Reception following at Canevin Hall
A.J. Palumbo Center
Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences
Reception following at the Power Center
Union Ballroom
6 p.m. Rangos School of Health Sciences
Reception following at the Palumbo Center
A.J. Palumbo Center

School of Pharmacy

Saturday, May 22, 2010
8 a.m. Baccalaureate Mass Chapel
10:30 a.m. Pharmacy Commencement
Reception following at the Duquesne Union Ballroom
A.J. Palumbo Center

School of Law

Sunday, June 6, 2010
9 a.m. Baccalaureate Mass
11 a.m.
Law Commencement

To find out more information visit duq.edu/graduation

Congrats to all the graduates and good luck in the future!

Time Flies!
05.05.10, 12:15 am
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Time really does fly. Yesterday seriously feels like the first day of high school and I’m already done with my freshman year in college. Of course I’m excited for the summer, but there is a bit of bitter sweet feelings in the air. All the work is over, but another year in gone in my life. As corny as this sounds when you stop and think, you realize how fast time really goes. Most people go through life not truly appreciating every day. People are too busy with school, work, jobs, and feel too stressed out to enjoy each and every day. They wish for weekends, summers, vacations without appreciating every day. Everyone is looking to live in the future, but the present is where we should be living. Time is too valuable to throw away. Confucius once said, “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” There are obviously going to be bad days at times you can’t wait for a new day, but make sure it does not become a pattern. The future is an exciting time especially since college is setting us up for a successful future, but just remember to take one day at a time. College is meant to be some of the most exciting years of our life, so don’t waste them. Have a GREAT SUMMER!