Enjoy the Weather!

I’ll be the first person to tell you if you don’t already know Pittsburgh can have some harsh winters. That’s why I’m hoping you are all taking full advantage of the warm weather while you still have the opportunity. Going to class and then going straight back to your dorm room is not very healthy. Take the chance to sit outside, walk around campus, go for a run, or just enjoy the sun. Once November hits you’re really going to miss the sun. I’m not saying it’s horrible when it gets cold, but enjoy each season. That’s another great thing about Pittsburgh that it’s a four season city. Enjoy the little things that make Pittsburgh/Duquesne special, whether it’s the warm air, the first color change on trees, the first snowfall, or the first feeling of a spring breeze. These are all things that take us away from the occasional stress of school. Life is about enjoying the little things. College will keep you busy, so time goes by pretty quick. Make sure you don’t forget the little things that make you happy.


Summer Transition to School
09.09.10, 12:24 am
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The transition from summer to school can be a difficult one. The first couple weeks back can be exciting with the start of a new year, seeing old friends, and meeting new ones. Eventually you realize school work is picking up, but you’re not ready to switch to school mode. Most of us tend to have a summer mode and school mode. The summer mode is a lot more difficult to turn off. The best way to switch to school mode is finding that routine. A routine does not mean being boring and not having fun, but it brings about more stability and organization into your college life. Organization is an important trait to have in college. Life in college can be a hectic time if you don’t organize yourself. College life becomes a lot easier when you find that routine that fits you best. Finding that comfortable routine takes longer for some, but just remember a routine is not a bad thing. Make sure you take full advantage of everything Duquesne offers and have a good start to the year!

Let it Snow Let it Snow!
02.06.10, 6:38 pm
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Pittsburgh is known for getting some pretty cold weather. The worst is when it gets super cold and you don’t even get any snow. If it’s going to be cold there might as well be snow and last night we all got more than our fair share of snow. Today I’m snowed in and don’t have any plans besides some homework and playing in the snow. I would like to do without the homework part, but I might as well considering there’s not to many places to venture out to when everything’s closed down. Nothing is better than rounding up your friends around campus and starting an epic snowball fight. Maybe even build a snowman. The snow might seem like a pain and problem, but when you’re surrounded with a bunch of people and snow then nothing could be better. Good old college life.