Welcome back! by x3erica1037

2010 is here and the Spring semester has officially begun. After a few great weeks at home, it feels good to be back at The Bluff. The past 24 hours have been filled with happy reunions among friends, unpacking what seems like endless bags that will never fit in one dorm room, buying books, and dealing with the realization that today marks the first day of classes. While it would have been nice to have a couple days to visit with friends, a two day week for class is definitely doable.

My brain feels ready to tackle the new challenges that this semester is sure to bring, but with five new classes I have to admit I was a little nervous. I’m happy to have some courses that are very relevant to my major and should interest me quite a bit. My Intro to PR and Media Relations class is even being taught by Dr. Sora, one of my favorite professors from last semester, so I’m looking forward to what this new class has in store. Most challenging for me will probably be my math class, but I’m determined to give extra attention and study time to the course so I can do my best.

The last few weeks of visiting with family and friends have been perfect for relieving stress from the fall, but it’s time for the memories of a new semester to begin.

Good luck everyone!



Goodbye first semester…hello holidays by x3erica1037

It’s officially the last weekend of 2009 to be spent at Duquesne!  My last week as a first semester freshman…

I have mixed feelings but mostly it’s just kind of surreal. I’m so happy that this is the place where I had my first college experiences. With everything from D’U Ride? Orientation, to learning community projects and friendships, to finals week; I definitely feel a part of the true “college experience” and consider myself a real college student.

Finals week was quite an experience. I thought the stories about spending hours upon end in the library and drinking twelve cups of coffee were all exaggerated, but it turns out they’re all true…mostly. Finals were, in fact, super challenging and required a lot of my time, but after handing in the many papers and finishing my exams, I think the effort was well worth it. Once I finally beat the struggle to find a table at Gumberg, I was able to go into the tests feeling confident and came out the same way. Even after spending an approximate 20 hours in the library over the past few days, I’m happy I stayed focused and worked through it. Hopefully when grades are posted , I will still feel the same way.

While of course I’m excited to get a break from all the work, I have to admit I’m a little sad to leave my college “family”. We will all go our separate ways for almost a month, but when we get back we will be starting all new classes and getting right back into the crazy times. Seeing my family and friends for Christmas will make up for it, too. Of course, I’ll have to continue our family traditions of baking lots of cookies and spending a weekend at Seven Springs Ski Lodge. And even though I suppose I’m becoming an adult, I’m still hoping Santa will leave some presents for me!

So keep your happy holiday thoughts and memories in mind while you’re winding up these last couple days of testing and be proud of yourself—you’ve made it through an entire semester!!

Happy Holidays everyone!! Stay warm!!

More to come in January!


Christmas shopping: Duquesne style by katzb
12.06.09, 4:57 pm
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It has become a running joke in my family that for every holiday or birthday, recipients can expect a Duquesne-themed gift from me. Although I am guilty as charged, I can honestly say it’s not on purpose!

It all began the first Christmas I was at college. Without a car or any convenient way to go shopping while living in a dorm, I opted to get my entire family in the Duquesne spirit with Duquesne gifts! I got my sister a red fleece Duquesne blanket that she had told me she loved. I got my mom a Duquesne hoodie and a Duquesne Christmas ornament with a picture of Old Main on it. I got my Dad a Duquesne Under Armor shirt. They all loved their gifts and I imagine they were happy I was proud of my school.

For my dad’s birthday last year, I bought him a Duquesne basketball hoodie because we have become big Dukes fans since the time I’ve attended Duquesne. At some point during my three years here, I also bought him a “Duquesne Dad” t-shirt that he wears proudly! This year for my dad’s birthday, I simply forgot all of the Duquesne attire he had in his closet, and came up with a great, original idea: a Duquesne basketball long sleeve shirt! It took me until he opened it to realize that this wasn’t such an original idea. Now, he had a bunch of shirts to choose from when attending a Dukes game!

My sister is just as lucky as my dad in the Duquesne-attire department. She has my old Orientation t-shirt, long sleeve shirts, t-shirts, a hoodie and probably much more that I have forgotten. Oh ya, and that fleece blanket!

We have Christmas ornaments, stickers for our cars, key chains and pins. I have turned my Pitt-fan family into proud Duquesne supporters!

If you are racking your brain for an origninal Christmas gift idea, while at the same time juggling five books and memorizing vocabulary in time for finals, head down to the bookstore and take a stroll around. There are always new items and clothes, and every Duquesne family needs their gear! Just be sure not to get your mom the same exact shirt two years in a row!


Light Up Night by liberalartsduq
12.02.09, 12:58 am
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Duquesne has its own Light Up Night tomorrow starting at 5pm.  I’m sure if you’ve been around on campus, you’ve seen all the decorations and lights being put up over the past few days.   So check out some of the events tomorrow night!

The surprise gift of a cancelled class! by katzb
11.16.09, 9:10 pm
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A student's favorite word.

When I checked my e-mail this morning, I had received an e-mail that said my German class was cancelled today. Any student knows that type of e-mail can make a dreary Monday much more manageable! I just so happen to have another cancelled class this week because my professor will be out of town. Cancelled classes are few and far between, but the surprise gift of an extra hour of free time gives me a break, without the guilt of skipping class! Today, I plan on hitting the Power Center an hour early during the time I usually have German class. That way, I can have more time for homework before my night class.
On the flip side of the cancelled class high is the bummer of having to go to class next Monday and Tuesday to make up for the G-20 break. (Don’t forget: Monday Nov. 23 is a Thursday schedule, and Tuesday Nov. 24 is a Friday schedule.) Not only does this shorten Thanksgiving break by four days, but it is really confusing for tired students pining for a break! I would much rather be done for Thanksgiving break on Friday afternoon, but thinking back to September 23-25, I remember being really grateful for a break then! The G-20 break was a month after school started, and I think we all really appreciated the respite from classes!

With classes getting cancelled, rescheduled and shifted days, my comfort comes from knowing we only have a few more weeks until the end of the semester. Next month at this time, I’ll be sleeping, baking Christmas cookies, and NOT thinking about school!