Facebook official by katzb
04.22.10, 7:48 pm
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Nothing’s official until its “Facebook Official”, right?

Admit it, it’s true. You aren’t really his girlfriend until your relationship status says so (with his name, of course). Someone isn’t a true friend if you haven’t friended them on Facebook. Even Urban Dictionary has an entry for “Facebook Official”: “When an event has happened and it only really counts if it has been put on Facebook for everyone to see. Example: ‘So I heard that Jess has a boyfriend now, I’m not sure though because it hasn’t been made Facebook Official yet.'”

It’s Facebook official: I’m going to grad school at Emory!

Ok, that might be old news, but it’s Facebook official. Nevermind the deposit’s been paid, the lease has been signed and I already own an Emory hoodie. Once I joined the Emory network, there was no turning back. (kind of)

I got my Emory e-mail address today, and couldn’t resist joining the Emory network asap. (Don’t judge, you’d do it too.) I remember when I got my Duquesne e-mail address before freshman year and was so excited to join the Duquesne network. (Actually, that was back when only college students could have Facebook. Those were the days!)

No turning back now; it’s Facebook Official.



Decisions, decisions, decisions by katzb

On Friday afternoon I went to my mailbox and was surprised to see a letter from Pitt. I had been expecting a response to my application in March, but by 4pm on Friday my mind was on the weekend, not school or graduate school! I opened the envelope and read the first line. I’d been admitted to the Master of Arts in Teaching program at Pitt, and now I have a decision to make! I was equally excited, proud and suddenly stressed. As I read over the letter, I found that, not only did I have a big decision to make between going to Emory or Pitt, but Pitt wanted my decision on Monday (today)!!!! That left two days to decide what school I’d attend next year and where I would live. Needless to say, my weekend was not as carefree as I had hoped. I spend the days weighing the options, discussion the decision with my friends and family, and making a huge pro vs. con list. There is a lot to consider: the school, the size, where I would be living, and whether or not I want to move away from Pittsburgh for the first time. I knew I wouldn’t be able to make the decision in two days, so I called the Office of Admission at Pitt this morning and asked for some more time. They gave me a week extension to decide. I have to keep thinking, getting good advice, and deciding what is best for me. I’ll let you know what I decide!


Welcome back by katzb
03.08.10, 10:37 am
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It seems like just yesterday I was sitting the library finishing up homework and counting the hours until Spring Break. In the blink of an eye, we are back to the grind, trying to hang on until May.

I had a fun week in Atlanta and got a chance to look at the Emory campus, including the building that houses the graduate program I got accepted to. I am still waiting to hear from the other two schools but I am getting excited about what is to come after graduation.

Speaking of graduation, the University graduation ceremony is exactly two months from today. If you are a senior looking for info on graduation, your mom has been hounding you for the dates and times, or you want to support your fellow students by attending, here is the link to all the info: http://www.duq.edu/graduation/


Happy Spring Break by katzb

I am currently sitting in the Pittsburgh airport waiting for my flight to Atlanta. I have to admit I was jealous of everyone packing their bags on Friday for the Bahamas, Florida, or home. I was glad when my boyfriend and I planned a last-minute visit, and glad to get out of the snowy weather! (It’s supposed to be in the 50’s this week in Atlanta!)

If you’ve read my earlier posts, you’ll know that I have been (im)patiently waiting for an admissions decisions from the grad schools I applied to, or a response from some jobs that I applied for. I finally heard something back on Friday, and it was good news! I got accepted to the Masters of Arts in Teaching program at Emory University! I was so relieved to hear back from somewhere so I know that I have at least an option for next year. I was also really excited about getting admitted to this particular program. It is a one-year program, starting soon after I graduate from Duquesne in May. It is also a small program, with 20-30 people in it each year. I have been reading everything I can find about the school and program online since hearing of my acceptance, and get more excited the more I read!

I plan to wait to make my decision about next year until I hear back from the other two graduate programs, but I am excited about the next step, whatever it ends up being!

On a sad note, I caught the final goal of the US vs. Canada hockey game as I arrived at the Pittsburgh airport. At least we earned silver…?

Happy spring break, Duquesne.


Looking ahead pays off! by katzb
01.09.10, 2:11 pm
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Now that I am seriously considering what I will be doing after graduation, I’ve noticed how much looking ahead has paid off throughout my time in college. I don’t just mean applying to grad schools before the application deadlines or making sure your next semesters schedules works out, but those are both part of the bigger picture. Time in college goes by really quickly, and a major lesson I have learned in these short years are the benefits of looking ahead.

To prepare yourself for a successful career at Duquesne, make sure to stay on track during freshman and sophomore years. Be sure to choose your major with care. Many people change their majors, and some (like me) decide they don’t really want to a pursue a career in their major. No matter what you decide, be sure you stay on track for graduation. It’s easy to drop a class here or there, and quickly fall behind.

These first few years in college are also the perfect time to get involved in activities that are related to your major or career goals. There are clubs and activities for almost every major. Here is a link to a listing of all student organizations on campus. If you like to write, apply to be a blogger for the College of Liberal Arts blog!

During sophomore, junior and senior year, look for internship or jobs in your field. I worked as a Development Intern for Big Brothers Big Sisters the summer after my sophomore year and learned that I was interested in working in the nonprofit sector. I have learned just as much about my future career goals from the jobs and internships I’ve had during college as I have learned from classes and professors.

If you are even considering going on to graduate school, look into it early! It’s never to early to request more information about a program and see what the requirements are for acceptance. I have already run into speed bumps when applying to graduate schools. Sometimes they require specific classes (like a specific Shakespeare class, British Literature doesn’t count!) and if I had known earlier, I would have tried to fit them into my schedule last year.

College is fun and these are years you’ll never get back, so enjoy them. I also recommend taking some time out to consider your future after Duquesne because it comes up fast and you will want to be prepared!


Hurry up and wait… by katzb
10.31.09, 7:59 am
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That’s about how I feel right now.

Throughout the first six weeks of school, I spent every minute of free time applying to graduate school: updating my resume, filling in my basic info, and sending transcripts from every school I’ve ever attended. I chased down professors and former bosses for letters of recommendation, and tried to convey what I want to do with my life in a statement of purpose.

Although I am a Journalism major, sometime recently I decided that is not what I really want to do. I’ve applied to a few graduate schools for my Master’s of Arts in Teaching for middle grades (4-8) in English and Social Studies. I have enough required courses from my English minor and some sociology, history and political science classes.

I’ve realized that I really enjoy working with younger students through my experience with Strong Women Strong Girls, tutoring, and my job at the Pittsburgh Young Leaders Academy. I often tell my younger sister, who is applying to colleges this year, that you won’t know what you really want to do until you are exposed to a few different areas in college. I never would have known that I like working with students so much if I had not gotten involved in different activities.

It really is true when people tell you that you can always change your mind. Even when you are one semester away from graduation…

I applied really early to undergrad, and was rewarded by hearing back from schools soon after. Because of this, I chose to work hard at the beginning of the school year to apply to a handful of school and get it out of the way. After weeks of reading and re-reading my essays and resume, and getting a million documents and test scores together, all I can do now is wait…