Goodbye first semester…hello holidays by x3erica1037

It’s officially the last weekend of 2009 to be spent at Duquesne!  My last week as a first semester freshman…

I have mixed feelings but mostly it’s just kind of surreal. I’m so happy that this is the place where I had my first college experiences. With everything from D’U Ride? Orientation, to learning community projects and friendships, to finals week; I definitely feel a part of the true “college experience” and consider myself a real college student.

Finals week was quite an experience. I thought the stories about spending hours upon end in the library and drinking twelve cups of coffee were all exaggerated, but it turns out they’re all true…mostly. Finals were, in fact, super challenging and required a lot of my time, but after handing in the many papers and finishing my exams, I think the effort was well worth it. Once I finally beat the struggle to find a table at Gumberg, I was able to go into the tests feeling confident and came out the same way. Even after spending an approximate 20 hours in the library over the past few days, I’m happy I stayed focused and worked through it. Hopefully when grades are posted , I will still feel the same way.

While of course I’m excited to get a break from all the work, I have to admit I’m a little sad to leave my college “family”. We will all go our separate ways for almost a month, but when we get back we will be starting all new classes and getting right back into the crazy times. Seeing my family and friends for Christmas will make up for it, too. Of course, I’ll have to continue our family traditions of baking lots of cookies and spending a weekend at Seven Springs Ski Lodge. And even though I suppose I’m becoming an adult, I’m still hoping Santa will leave some presents for me!

So keep your happy holiday thoughts and memories in mind while you’re winding up these last couple days of testing and be proud of yourself—you’ve made it through an entire semester!!

Happy Holidays everyone!! Stay warm!!

More to come in January!



Home for the holidays by x3erica1037

Now that I’m at home for Thanksgiving break, it really feels like the holidays are here. I was kind of sad for all of my school friends to separate and go home, but I felt better when I started seeing my family members and high school friends. It’s very comforting and relaxing to be in my own bed and to have my mommy cook for me. 🙂

There are a lot of things I’m excited to do with my vacation time like helping cook for Thursday, eating a huge Thanksgiving dinner, shopping on Black Friday, visiting with friends and family, and of course, sleeping in. Already so far, I’ve seen a lot of old friends and gone to pick one of my best friends up from California University of PA. We were so excited to see our other best friend who has been at school in Lancaster since August. The reunion was a little emotional, but we got right back into our old, crazy friendship. I’m happy to know we can be apart for long periods of time and still be the best of friends when we’re back together.

Unfortunately I still have a lot of work to get done over break and I need to spend as much time as possible studying for finals. Fortunately, I have quite a few days to get this done and still have time to relax. It’s almost impossible to think that  we only have a couple weeks of class left before the semester is over. Although it feels nice to have a lot of work behind me, it’s strange to think my first semester of college is coming to an end.

Soon it will be time to get finals over with and start shopping for Christmas! This year is definitely flying by, so enjoy it while you can and try to at least get a little work done. 😉

Have a great holiday season!


Happy Halloween! :) by x3erica1037
10.30.09, 1:16 am
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Two days till Halloween!!

While a lot of us claim to be mature adults here, I think I can speak for a lot of people, including myself, when I say we still get excited for the holidays. The university seems to recognize this and offers us the Masquerade Ball on Friday night so we can get dressed up, too. Personally, I always get excited for the costume parties, candy, and scary movies that come every October and it’s no different this year.

The excitement began when I saw the hallways of St. Anne’s transform into creepy pathways filled with decorations and window paint, and it continued as my floormates began carving pumpkins and starting Halloween countdowns on their doors.

Later, I went shopping and felt a little guilty about spending money on a costume, (we all know the money issues of being a college student) but I think it’s okay to have some fun every once in a while. That’s why it’s a holiday right?

So whether you decide to go to a Halloween party, pass out candy to Trick-or-Treaters, or stay in and watch horror flicks, don’t think you’re too old to get in on some of this season’s fun!!