Summer Update! by x3erica1037

Hope everyone’s having an amazing summer so far!  These hot days have been flying by and it’s already July so I figured it was about time for a quick post now that there’s an entire new class of Duquesne freshmen and transfer students.

If you’re new to the blog, you should know that my name is Erica, I’m an upcoming sophomore in the McAnulty College, and I write for this blog to share my experiences at Duquesne with anyone whose interested.  Right now I’m just offering a chance to get questions answered or clear up any confusions about McAnulty, Duquesne, move-in…pretty much anything Duquesne related.  If I don’t know the answer off-hand I’ll do everything I can to figure it out so everyone has as smooth of a transition as possible. Get ready everyone, because you’re gonna love the Bluff! 🙂

Please feel free to submit any questions or comments to this post and hopefully I’ll be able to get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.  So ask away!



Unexpected Beauty by afederoff
02.15.10, 2:16 pm
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At Freshmen Orientation, we were split into group with upperclassmen as leaders. These team leaders served many purposes, among those guiding us through campus and around Pittsburgh. Over a team dinner at Buca in Station Square, I remember others expressing extreme interest in Oakland and the University of Pittsburgh. Finally, our team leader (I believe her name was Kayla) shouted over everyone that she was making an announcement. As everyone hushed, she proceeded to explain that although Pitt was only about two miles away, never walk there. She even went as far as saying that this should be the most important thing we take from our orientation experience together: take the bus to Pitt. I learned that the route that leads from Duquesne to Pitt is not the safest, going through some dangerous parts of town. Although I first assumed all my time would be spent Downtown, I trek to Oakland almost everyday. The expenses are great; four dollars a day adds up quickly. I have even recently purchased a monthly bus pass from the Pittsburgh Port Authority. Yet, I have kept her words in mind and I have not walked there.

Until the snowstorm, that is. I actually found myself snowed in at the University of Pittsburgh: the Port Authority buses actually closed for two full days. By Saturday afternoon, I was getting homesick, and I decided to trek home through the snow. At first, Kayla’s words resounded in my mind; I was scared out of my mind. However, as I realized no one else was out, I became more comfortable and was able to view the beauty I was experiencing.

The most beautiful thing I found was only about two blocks from campus. Walking on Forbes, nestled right in between the broken down houses was a brand new, modern, coffee shop! Although I didn’t get a coffee at the time, I hope in the near future, with pictures to follow.

Am I suggesting you walk alone through the Hill District? No, of course not. However, I do suggest that you take advantage of the beautiful city of Pittsburgh and attempt to learn as much about it as possible, from the tiny coffee shops to the museums.

Happy exploring,


Being A Freshman by afederoff
10.06.09, 3:01 am
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As I’m sure many of you know, today was the judging Freshmen Video Competition, in which the main goal was to portray what it is like to be a freshman at Duquesne University. After seeing all the videos entered in the competition, I began thinking about what kind of video I would have entered; what kind of message I would like to portray.

There’s a difference between being a freshman and being a freshman at Duquesne. I think it’s safe to say that all freshmen have anxiety about leaving home, going to classes, and living with a roommate. However, not all freshmen experience a close-knit Orientation experience, like I did at Duquesne. Although this is impossible, I feel as if I know everyone who will be in my future graduating class. All freshmen feel as if they may struggle in classes and are worried about grades. Yet, being a freshman at Duquesne entails the ability to meet with professors who know your name. You can even email them at any time of day for help or advice.

It’s almost as if the fears of being a freshmen are tapered by being a freshmen at Duquesne.


Duquesne Move-in Parking by liberalartsduq
08.17.09, 9:27 pm
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Here’s some info about parking for tomorrow’s freshman move-in

Move-in will occur on Tuesday, August 18, 2009 from noon to 11:00 p.m. Surface parking will be prohibited on the move-in route during those times.The move-in route will be Bluff Street, McAnulty Drive, Locust Street, Seitz Street, Magee Street and Vickroy Street. Surface parking permit holders will be granted parking in the Forbes Garage.

Identify your status as a Surface Parking Permit Holder to the parking attendant when you are exiting the garage. Vehicles parked on the move-in route during move-in will be towed.

All deliveries during those hours will be prohibited. Please notify your vendors concerning the aforementioned restrictions on campus deliveries during move-in.