Looking to Next Semester Already? by afederoff
03.22.10, 3:10 pm
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In high school, our schedules were basically made for us. Oh sure, we were able to choose an elective… sort of. At my school, it was “pick a fine art elective” which consisted of drawing, ceramics or the musical arts of chorus, orchestra or band. We also were required to take a “hands-on elective” and I somehow ended up with Woodshop. I was the only girl in the class, and of course, just the year before someone apparently got their finger flown completely across the room by the band saw. And while, of course there are requirements to achieve a liberal arts degree, but I’m pretty sure none of them involve flying extremities.

First semester of freshmen year, I found that my schedule was already made for me. I’m still not really sure how this happened, but it seemed to be geared toward my interests and I had no complaints. Second semester, I quickly made my schedule with my advisor, much like I did in high school. We sat down together and looked through the course catalog until I devised a schedule that was fitting to my needs.

This semester, I am more independent. As a sophomore, I just submitted a tentative course schedule to my advisor online. I picked out all of the classes myself, and made a morning friendly schedule. Hopefully, I did a good job and I get the ok to register for them!



How About Some Variety by afederoff

As a freshman at Duquesne, my course load is still somewhat generic. Given, I am not taking at accounting or intensive science classes, but I still have found I am learning about a broad range of topics. I have been told that as I get deeper into my (unknown) major, classes will be more specific, but for now, I am still covering many requirements by taking liberal arts cores.

Considering this, I just figured I would share a little about my course load this semester. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I have the same, early morning schedule. At 8, I have my literature core, Imaginative Literature. The particular sect I chose to take has a subtitle of sorts: The Quest for Self. With a reading curriculum covering The Catcher in the Rye and The Crying of Lot 49, we have a lot of interesting discussions. I would certainly recommend this class to others. Shortly after, at 9, I have Sociology of Religion. Although this is not my favorite class, I feel that I am learning valuable things in this course. I find it rather challenging because it involves a lot of long, scholarly readings and most of the students are upperclassmen, but so far I have been able to hold my own. My third and final class of the day, statistics, is over by 11. Still, I manage to feel worn out when we are dismissed. Statistics, which will fulfill my math requirement, is going well so far. Although I do grasp the concepts, for all non-math minds, my professor makes statistics easy to follow and understand. At first, I was afraid to fulfill this requirement; college math was threatening. However, I am finding that with careful explanations and a dedicated professor, even math can make sense.

I consider my Tuesdays and Thursdays easier than other weekdays because I only have two classes on those days. At 9:25, I have Understanding Art with my learning community. It is refreshing to see familiar faces, especially so early in the morning. Although I only have one class with them this semester, I still find my fellow classmates a helpful resource. Later that day, I have a class entitled Social Problems. I would have to say this is my favorite class; we attempt to analyze and understand social problems such as poverty and discrimination.

In all, I am happy with my schedule this semester. Hopefully, I can manage to achieve as high as I did last semester!


Advisors are your friends! by x3erica1037

Today I had my mandatory Liberal Arts freshman advisement meeting. My advisor and less than ten freshman including myself talked for around 45 minutes about various things, like how classes have been going, studying abroad, learning communities, and registering for spring classes. It was actually pretty useful information and cleared up some things I had been unsure about.

My advisor was really helpful and seemed to actually care about getting to know each of us personally. I think this will help when we go to schedule classes and get ready to look into landing jobs and internships. While I know these mandatory meetings can seem a little annoying now, they’re actually not bad and they really do help.

I do, however, have mixed emotions about getting ready to schedule for spring. On one hand, it’s kind of exciting to be able to sit with my advisor and actually choose what classes I take and when I take them. While we did get to fill out interest surveys before our schedules were chosen for the current semester, we had no say in what times we were given. I’m looking forward to creating a schedule that will be challenging and get some tough classes out of the way.

On the other hand, though, it feels a little crazy to be getting ready to make a new schedule. I feel like the fall semester has just begun, and to be honest, I don’t want it to end yet. I’m just now feeling totally comfortable with my schedule! Although we’re really getting into midterms and writing papers more often, I don’t want my college experience to fly by too quickly. It just makes me realize how limited my time at Duquesne will be, and I know I have to take advantage of every minute.

So if you haven’t already done so, sign up for one of the sessions to meet with your advisor! It won’t take up too much of your time, and it will allow you to schedule sooner so you can get the classes you want.