2010 Video Contest by liberalartsduq
05.17.10, 8:09 am
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This semester we had some great entries to the video contest and here are the first and second place winners.  Eric Formato won $300 for his video and Becca Kopcie won $200 for hers.  Thanks for the videos guys!


First prize in the 2009 Duquesne Video Contest! by liberalartsduq
02.07.10, 4:46 pm
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This past fall we held a contest to for the best video showing what it was like to be a freshman here at Duquesne. Omari was our winner and here’s his entry:

Our next contest is in the works for this semester and will be open to all students in the Liberal Arts College with a grand prize of $300! Check back for more updates on that!

Liberal Arts Video Contest by x3erica1037

As you may know, the McAnulty College of Liberal Arts is hosting a video contest for it’s freshman students. The idea is for students to make a video depicting what it really means to be a freshman at the college. I had hoped to make a video of my own, but ended up being too swamped with work for my classes and various other activities, so I won’t be entering.

Since I was disappointed with myself in that, I decided to make time to attend the awards ceremony for the contest. It’s on Tuesday night (October 6) at 9 p.m. in Rm. 104 College Hall.

I think it will be a fun chance to see what everyone put together. Those who place in the top of the rankings will receive prizes like gift cards or even a new video camera.

I would definitely recommend attending. I’m sure the videos will be entertaining, and if that’s not enough to persuade you, I hear there will also be free pizza!! 🙂

See you there!