The G-20 Summit: finally, a feast for newspapers by afederoff

As promised, here are a few excepted paragraphs of my final paper for my media class. Believe it or not, even after an agonizing ten pages, I still find the topic pretty interesting. As a semester long project, we were asked to observe two sources/outlets during the G-20 mania and basically account for the differences somehow: the prompt was pretty vague. As an honorary New Yorker (I only live 30 minutes out of the city), I found the differences between the New York Times and the Pittsburgh Post Gazette particularly interesting. Hope you enjoy!


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The Final Countdown by afederoff
12.02.09, 9:28 am
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It seems as though Thanksgiving has come and gone, and with it the youth of the semester. Upon returning to Pittsburgh on a 9:00 A.M. flight on Sunday morning, I was faced with the realization that a ten-page semester paper was due on Monday… that’s like no other feeling in the world. After a long day of work, I was able to finish the paper. It was on the Tiananmen Square Massacre of 1989, and although I did learn a lot about the subject, I doubt the grade I achieve will meet my standards.

It’s behind me now, I suppose, and I’m moving on to bigger and better things, like finals. I had my first one today in Research and Info Skills and I was not scarred by the experience. However, I am not, by any means, in the clear. Thursday is an optional final, which I’m hoping I do not have to take. Monday is my sociology final, and next Friday is my East Asian Civilizations exam. However, Saturday I’m back home in the world of road rage and The Sopranos.

I also have a paper to write, which is rather interesting. As a final paper for my media class, my assignment is to review G-20 media coverage and evaluate discrepancies between outlets or companies. I chose to do two newspapers; the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, presenting ideas from within the city, compared to a large metro daily, namely the New York Times. I am hoping to post excerpts of the paper, to share some of my ideas (if I ever finish it!).


The surprise gift of a cancelled class! by katzb
11.16.09, 9:10 pm
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A student's favorite word.

When I checked my e-mail this morning, I had received an e-mail that said my German class was cancelled today. Any student knows that type of e-mail can make a dreary Monday much more manageable! I just so happen to have another cancelled class this week because my professor will be out of town. Cancelled classes are few and far between, but the surprise gift of an extra hour of free time gives me a break, without the guilt of skipping class! Today, I plan on hitting the Power Center an hour early during the time I usually have German class. That way, I can have more time for homework before my night class.
On the flip side of the cancelled class high is the bummer of having to go to class next Monday and Tuesday to make up for the G-20 break. (Don’t forget: Monday Nov. 23 is a Thursday schedule, and Tuesday Nov. 24 is a Friday schedule.) Not only does this shorten Thanksgiving break by four days, but it is really confusing for tired students pining for a break! I would much rather be done for Thanksgiving break on Friday afternoon, but thinking back to September 23-25, I remember being really grateful for a break then! The G-20 break was a month after school started, and I think we all really appreciated the respite from classes!

With classes getting cancelled, rescheduled and shifted days, my comfort comes from knowing we only have a few more weeks until the end of the semester. Next month at this time, I’ll be sleeping, baking Christmas cookies, and NOT thinking about school!


A Different View by afederoff
09.25.09, 1:04 am
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DuquesneUniversityUnfortunately, unlike everybody else, I had a class that I truly needed to attend this morning; I’m still at school. G-20 is almost underway and I’m ultimately in the most dangerous city in the world. Yet on campus, you would hardly know it.

Walking to class was strange, not because it was scary, but because campus is basically empty. My fellow floormates cleared out Tuesday night, as many teachers wouldn’t dare venture downtown on Wednesday. Even several of those with morning classes missed them, because if you did not leave the city before 8 A.M., you weren’t going to be until Sunday. I, however, had to make it to a mandatory 10 o’clock class.

Being relatively alone on campus, I was forced to terminate my usual people-watching habit. Instead, I gazed deeply around campus and took in the plants and flowers. I breathed in the air, and was genuinely happy to have such a beautiful school as my home. The trees are just starting to change colors but the grass is still green. There was a cooling breeze blowing around and forcing the chilling air up my nose. The view of the Southside was gorgeous. I realized that I was standing on the most unique, beautiful campus, and I was thankful.

This week, try to experience Duquesne in a different way. I’m sure you will be pleased.


G-20 break! by katzb
09.21.09, 2:09 am
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blogpgh20No, I don’t mean Spring break or Thanksgiving break. This week, Duquesne will go on G-20 Break. Even though we will have to make up two of the days over Thanksgiving break, most people are counting down until our last minute break from school!

If you have been living under a rock, Pittsburgh will be hosting the G-20 Summit, a meeting for 20 world leaders. This will be a great opportunity for Pittsburgh to show off its new post-steel atmosphere, but it is also causing some headaches for residents.

Among those having to make provisions for the 20 world leaders is the Duquesne community. Classes are cancelled beginning at 12 noon on Wednesday, and all day Thursday and Friday. There are also traffic, parking and living learning center restrictions for these few days. (To learn more, click here.)

I am looking forward to see what happens this week. Although a lot of people will have to make changes to their daily routine for this Summit, I think this is an exciting time to live in Pittsburgh. Enjoy your G-20 break!