Break WDSR with the Matt and Matt Show! by Matt Kasznel
11.02.09, 9:12 pm
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In the month of November, WDSR is holding a contest for the station’s DJ’s–Be the first show to “break” the stream and win a prize.
Here’s the deal–the WDSR stream can only support a certain number of people. If too many people try to stream the station, the stream will go down. If EVERYONE tunes in at the same time, we’ll have a good chance of breaking the station and winning the contest.

If you haven’t listened to the Matt and Matt Show before, this week’s the perfect time to start.  It’s really simple: to tune in, go to, find the “Shout Stream” in the upper right-hand corner of the page, and click “Play.”  (Or click “Listen Now” and stream the station through iTunes or Winamp)

Tune in from 7-9 on Wednesday, November 4th–be sure to go on at 7 and keep streaming until at least 7:30.
If you don’t feel like listening to us talk, just open the stream and turn the volume all the way down–we won’t be offended.  (though hopefully you WILL listen!)

This is HUGE. If you guys can do this, it would solidify us as one of the top shows on WDSR. Stanz and I are trying to think of a great prize or something for you, the listeners, if you all can do this for us. We promise it will be awesome–like getting a really awesome, legit guest. Or free candy for everyone! One or the other.

I’ll be live-blogging the show, so be sure to check out this blog for my updates through the night.  Peace!



WDSR by liberalartsduq
07.06.09, 10:28 pm
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Click here to listen to a live stream of WDSR
Here’s a description of the radio station:

WDSR is Duquesne University’s Student Run and Operated Radio Station located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We welcome all students to participate in our organization and promote the academic training of future journalism and media professionals. Our mission is to provide quality programming that is entertaining and informative while reflecting the lifestyle of Duquesne University students.

We offer different tracks to suit many student interests. Whether you see yourself in broadcast journalism, as a deejay on our airwaves, or behind the scenes in production, promotions, or management, WDSR has a role for you that fits your goals.

WDSR utilizes new students every semester and no prior experience is necessary. Enrollment in Journalism and Media classes is preferred but not required. WDSR is open to students of all majors including undergraduate and graduate studies.

If you are interested in becoming a member of WDSR, please click our contact link for more information!

This is just a sample of the Spring playlist (I was surprised by how much I liked on the playlist):

The White Stripes – Conquest
Elliott Smith – Son of Sam
The Antlers – Shiva
Ben Kweller – Gypsy Rose
The London – One Step At a Time
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals – Sink Ships
Interpol – Slow Hands
Keane – Pretend That You’re Alone
Damien Rice – The Animals Were Gone
Robert Church and the Holy Community – Low at the Disco
Arabb – Ghast
Killola – Personal Graveyard
Andrew Bird – Imitosis
The Arcade Fire – Rebellion (Lies)
Tom Gabel – Random Hearts

The WDSR website